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Louis started guiding safaris in 1994. Freelancing at first but soon started his own Outfitting company called Footsoo Safaris which was changed to Ebersöhn Safaris. He briefly stepped out of the industry in 2012 but on 23/03/2014 he stepped back in as African Wildlife Services, AWS (Pty) Ltdtrading as:

  1. AWS: Aerial Wildlife Services
  2. AWS: African Wilderness Safaris
  3. AWS: African Wildlife Security

The AWS business model is based upon the guiding principles as described in “The Conservation Game: Saving Africa’s Biodiversity. By Gerhard R. Damm”.

Ensuring AWS position as an industry roleplayer in such a way that it can secure support and endorsements from both the pro-utilisation and anti-utilsation lobbies. Conservation through sustainable utilisation is the only viable way to ensure that the game animals of today will still be around 10, 20 or a 100 years from now, the common / shared objective. Louis has also taken a very bold dissision to never again display any pictures of harvested animals or pictures of hunters posing next to harvested animals. Because; Pictures of people and dead animals, or dead animals alone, is just a stick to beat us with because it triggers an emotional response from the naive majority in the global village. (Clinical photo’s and data will however be gathered and kept for scientific recordkeeping and taxidermy purposes).

Our Team

Founding Members

Louis B. Ebersöhn

Louis B. Ebersöhn


Louis is an Outfitter, Guide and Ranger. An Independent Business Risk & Security Consultant / Advisor to various Governments, NGO’s and Multinational Corporates.

Dr. André Ebersöhn

Dr. André Ebersöhn


Born in February, 1943, Andre grew up on farms near Heidelberg, Gauteng, and at “Bo-Palala” in the Waterberg, in the centre of the old Transvaal.

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African Wilderness Safaris

Mr. Gert Esterhuizen

Mr. Gert Esterhuizen


Born with a love for nature and all its creatures, Gert had the core fundamentals of conservation through sustainable utilization deeply ingrained by his peers while growing up. He spent every available opportunity out in the field.

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African Wildlife Security

Mr.  Chris Pretoruis

Mr. Chris Pretoruis

Security Operations Manager

Chris is a Security Consultant and Risk Advisor.  Growing up on a farm in Namibia Chris knew he would want to get involved in protecting Africa’s Wildlife. After finishing Matric he got involved in Security and went through numerous training including SWAT and VIP Protection. 

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Trainees and Interns

Johan Langenhoven

Johan Langenhoven


Johan is a recently qualified guide who completed a year of training at the Eco Ranger Academy, Hoedspruit (2017). He is building up his hours in the field towards becoming a fully qualified Dangerous Game Guide. Though he has little experience, his dedication and passion for the industry as well as his work ethic is unquestionable. Johan Langenhoven: 2nd rifleman / back-up. Dangerous Game Guide DEAT Number: LP-2102


Current Outfitter permit no: ZA/LP/84804

Our Methodology


Professional hunters

Current Professional hunter permit no: ZA/LP/83885

Plains Game Safari 1-on-1

Spend your days surrounded by Southern Africa’s Natural Wilderness, creating precious memories while in pursuit of your choice of Plains game, guided by a qualified Professional


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Head Office

17 Longclaw, Meyersdal, Eco Estate
Alberton, Gauteng

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