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AWS Area Integrity Managers are suitably qualified and experienced individuals that are placed at Protected Area’s, Municipal, Provincial or Private game reserves to implement and manage Biosecurity and Biodiversity  management systems, plans, processes etc.. The Area Integrity Ranger’s focus is primarily on SECURITY and does not replace the reserve ranger or game farm manager, unless that is a specific requirement of the client.

Cost implication POA – depending on the experience and qualifications of the individual as well as the expected responsibilities.

Ranger Profiles




Field Rangers


Profile of a Field Ranger


NQF level 4

Execute drills instinctively on command

Handle and use specialised equipment

Perform area coverage

Perform wilderness first aid

Survive and apply defensive bush craft tactics

Track a target quarry

Conservation practices

PSIRA / SASSETA grade  C, D, E.

SAP – weapons competency for business purposes (self loading carbine)

Counter Poaching Rangers

Profile of a Counter Poaching Ranger


NQF level 5

Gather intelligence and handle informers

Advanced combat training and tactics

Advanced combat tracking

Use tactical operations to combat wildlife crime

PSIRA / SASSETA grade = A & B

Combat experienced

SAP – weapons competency for business purposes (all categories)

Area Integrity Ranger / Warden / Manager

Profile of an Area Integrity Ranger / Warden / manager


NQF level 6

Maintain the ecological integrity and biodiversity of an area

Protect the Rangers’ integrity and ensure jurisdiction

Establish and maintain good relations with stakeholders

Execute tactical appreciation and planning for  counter poaching operations on Strategic, Tactical and Operational levels.

Design and implement a security plan AIP (Area Integrity Plan)

Conduct and manage Intelligence operations.

Cultivate, handle informants and informant networks.

Deploy a rapid response environmental crime unit. STT

PSIRA / SASSETA grade = A, B.

Combat / Battle experienced

SAP – weapons competency for business purposes (all categories)

Assessor, Facilitator, Instructor, Moderator

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