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A wildlife management security strategy is a multi-facetted process of which counter poaching is just one of several components. AWS view the following elements as part of a holistic approach to protecting not only Fauna and Flora, but also staff, owners, visitors and other people that may visit or stay on a wildlife management area / reserve, be that a PA (Protected Area), Municipal- or Provincial Nature or Private Game Reserve.

  • Regular security assessments to develop and maintain an appropriate and effective wildlife management security strategy / Area Integrity Plan / Security Plan.
  • Deployment of well-trained and experienced law enforcement rangers consisting of a combination of:
    • Area Integrity Rangers (Managerial level)
    • Counter Poaching Rangers
    • Field Rangers
  • Deployment of appropriate and state-of-the-art tactical law enforcement equipment to provide a tactical advantage
  • Area coverage
    • Perimeter Security Structural integrity and field maintenance
    • Monitoring, Inspection patrols
    • Access and Egress control and vehicle searching
  • Vehicle patrols
  • Foot patrols
  • Aerial patrols: Manned and/or unmanned aircraft
  • Static observation / listening posts
  • Aerial and ground rapid response capabilities including K9 abilities
  • Intelligence gathering, processing and dissemination
  • Counter intelligence
  • Liaison with other law enforcement agencies and role players
  • Local community involvement projects

AWS understand the complexity of a professional wildlife management security process and our focus is on providing those elements of the process which are highly specialised. These include:

  • Consulting and Advisory: Risk analyses and strategy design. Project development
  • Project management, placement of Area Integrity Rangers to manage the process
  • Rapid K9 based and aerial deployed response to incidents of expected poaching (perimeter breach discovered), poaching incidents and farm attacks

Counter Poaching Model

Best Management Practices for Protection against Poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trafficking


Background and Information – Guidelines


National Strategy for the Safety and Security of Rhinoceros Populations in South Africa.

Strategic level Desired Objectives & Outcomes
Mr. Louis B. Ebersöhn


Best Management Practices 

Counter measures for the Hardening of targets (Toolbox)
AWS Team


AWS – Counter poaching model

Two Fundamentals (Newtonian law)
Action: Pro – active
Reaction: Re – active
AWS Team

Rapid Response

Rapid Response Pricing


Paramedic:                                                R 164.70

K9 + Handler:                                            R 164.70

Counter Pouching Ranger:                     R164.70

Area Integrity Ranger:                             R 329.40

Vehicle:                                                       R13.67/km

Helicopter:                                                 R 6 500.03

Daily: (12 hrs)

Paramedic:                                                R1 976.40 

K9 + Handler:                                            R1 976.40 

Counter poaching Ranger:                     R1 976.40

Area Integrity Ranger:                             R3 952.80

Vehicle:                                                      R13.67/km

Helicopter:                          N/A                                           


Paramedic:                                             R61 268.40

K9 + Handler:                                         R61 268.40

Counter pouching Ranger:                  R61 268.40

Field Ranger:                                          R122 536.80

Vehicle:                                                    R13.67/km

Helicopter:                                                 N/A

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