African Wilderness Safaris




African Wilderness Safaris’ Business Model

Background information

Louis started guiding safaris in 1994, freelancing at first but soon started his own Outfitting company called Footsoo Safaris which was changed to Ebersöhn Safaris. He briefly stepped out of the industry in 2012 but on 23/03/2014 he stepped back in as African Wilderness Safaris, AWS (Pty) Ltd 2018/463936/07
Conservation through sustainable utilisation, as described in “The Conservation Game: Saving Africa’s Biodiversity,” by Gerhard R. Damm, are AWS’s guiding principles and forms the foundation of our business model. These guiding principles of sustainable wildlife management are as follows:
  1. The fulfilment of the legitimate needs of the African population
  2. The protection and/or “Wise Use” of the soil
  3. The protection and/or “Wise Use” of the plants that grow in the soil
  4. The protection and/or “Wise Use” of the animals that use the plants for food or cover and which live in the specialised habitats provided by the different communities of plants and their physical environments
Based on these principles, AWS’s sustainable business model ensures our position as an industry roleplayer, allowing us to secure support and endorsements from both pro-utilisation and anti-utilisation lobbies. AWS believes this is the only viable way to ensure that the game animals of today will still be around 10, 20, or 100 years from now.