Wildlife Health Care


Wildlife Education Program II

The 10 Day Wildlife Health Care – Safari is packed with knowledge, skills, practical’s, values and qualities to successfully fulfil the role as a dedicated Wildlife Health Care Ranger that form the thin green line between our natural resources and extinction. The wildlife on the continent of Africa represents the last remain mega fauna of the Pleistocene Epoch.



The 8 modules that will be presented on a Private Nature Reserve in Africa:

  • Appropriate wildlife diets of Ungulates, hippotragines (Gemsbok, Roan, Sable), Tragelaphines (Spiral horns animals), Alcelaphine, Aepycertotidae, Antelopini, small antilopes and Predators diets.
  • Provide Water for Wildlife: Patterns and behaviour of wildlife when drinking water, Appropriate water needs of Ungulates, hippotragines (Gemsbok, Roan, Sable), Tragelaphines (Spiral horns animals), Alcelaphine, Aepycertotidae, Antelopini, small antilopes, Type of Water Holes, Disease and parasite control at waterholes
  • Parasitism and contagious wildlife diseases: Ectoparasites and endoparasites in vertebrates, most important contagious wildlife diseases, and the Prevention of related diseases, Common diseases in animals caused by ticks and mites, Basic disease control and prevention
  • Nutrition: Digestive functioning of selected wild ruminant and non-ruminant herbivores, Spatial scaling of nutrients in vegetation
  • Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology and Ethology of wild animals
  • Locating and interacting with animals
  • Evaluating the health status of the animal
  • Execute prescribed veterinary care activities – Administer medicines and execute veterinary prescriptions and care taking procedures


  • Participate in ‘skills transfer’ – Meet and learn from expert rangers and Wildlife Managers. The expedition forms the basis of understanding wildlife health care that is fundamental to the management and conservation of wildlife in Africa.


  • Daily Wildlife Encounters and Monitoring
  • Participate in Sedating and tranquilise a Wild Animal
  • Administer Vetinerary Medicines
  • Biological Data collection and recording


“Live the bush, don’t just visit it!”

Venue is in a fully operational safari venue with large open areas, safari camp, clean ablution facilities, lounge, fully equipped kitchen, laundry service.

Destination: Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport – MQP, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Rates Include:  An unforgettable experience in Africa, All accommodation, Catering, Meet and Greet at MQP airport, All land transportation for the duration of Safari, Services of a Professional Safari Guides, Services of camp staff, Laundry service, All applicable license and permit fees, Certificate and Badge.

Rates Excluded:  International and Domestic flights, Pre-and Post-Safari Nights, Beverages, Tips for staff, telephone calls, Curio purchases, Side Tours, All Rates and Prices Excluding 15% VAT if applicable.